Tuesday, July 20, 2010


ok...so here's the story. This afternoon I had to go visiting teaching. So I said to Tyson right before I left, "Hey dearest. I will only be gone for like half an hour and I'm planning on actually making supper tonight so don't eat anything!" Tyson said, "ok!" So I went, and I actually enjoyed it...and I come home and my dearest husband is buttering his toast. So I said, "Tyson! I told you I was going to make supper tonight! If you'd rather have toast just tell me!" And he said his favorite line, "I forgot! But make it cuz I'll still be starving!"
Sooo I make dinner. I cook it all real nice. Even made a vegetable. Green beans. My favorite. And we sit down to the table and Tyson takes two bites and says, "Can you put that in the fridge? I've got to go to a study group." So I said, "why didn't you tell me you had a study group BEFORE I made dinner?" And he said...I forgot!
So of course being the great wife that I am I put his plate in the fridge and finished my dinner alone. Haha and I decided I needed to come write 10 things I love about my husband. Because I do. Even when he doesn't eat my dinners.
number 1.
He can always make me laugh! Even tonight when he was walking out the door and I was mad he just looks at me sheepishly and says, "I forgot!" and I laugh. Even when I don't want to.
number 2.
He is such a hard worker! He goes to school full time and works full time cuz I cant find a stupid job!
number 3.
Cuz when I fall asleep on the couch or bean bag he carries me to bed without waking me up. Cuz he knows I hate getting woke up and I hate sleeping on the couch/bean bag.
number 4.
Cuz he loves to play outside with me. We love to go quading and swimming and outside fun stuff.
number 5.
He keeps me from stressing out all the time! I am a stress case. And he reminds me 102938 times a day that life is supposed to be fun.
number 6.
He can talk to anyone! He has more friends in Raymond than I do I'm pretty sure. He is definitely 100 times more social than me.
number 7.
Cuz he is obsessed with watering our lawn. It makes me laugh. he could stand outside with a hose and just water the lawn all day I think. I have to remind him that is what sprinklers are for.
number 8.
He gives the best hugs. And he gives them lots.
number 9.
He loves our kitty cat. Even though he says he hates it I know he loves it cuz one time she was lost outside and he went and looked for her for a long time until he found her.
number 10.
Cuz he's my Tyson. He makes me smile and have fun and relax and he respects me and he has a testimony and he is my everything.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time To Blog!

Sooo its been a while! For anyone who cares, yes, the construction is STILL going on. But the good news is I'm learning to sleep through it! There are days when its so bad that it shakes my house and that wakes me up, but for the most part I'm actually sleeping past 7 AM again!

So that last few weeks have seriously been a blur! July 1 I was super sad cuz we didnt get to go to Canada. But it was ok cuz my family came down the next day and stayed till the 7! It was so fun! We watched the sweet fireworks from the best spot ever by the river...we went to Mesa Falls, we went quading at the cabin! All of which were fun times! After they left me and Tyson have been working like crazy trying to finish up the semester so that we can enjoy the 7 week break! I have to take one huge test and I'm officially done...and Tyson has a couple to take and then he is officially done. Anyways...boring post....so here's some pictures of our fun 4th of July weekend!

The group waiting for the fire works! We seriously waited there ALL day...but it was totally worth it!

Mesa Falls!! I couldn't tell you who is in that picture. But it is some people in my family!

My wonderful familia!

So cute :)

Our sweet ride!

Biggest splash contest?

My amazing husband!

They really did have fun! even though their faces look like this in almost every picture!

The Horse Riders!