Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I decided after we got married that I needed to make a blog. Then the picture I wanted in my header didnt fit and I got really frustrated and so I quit. Now...9 months later...I was laying on our couch sick. I've been throwing up all night (nice, I know) and I got sick of watching TV, and remembered my blog. So I decided to give it another chance. We will see how it goes. My problem is that I am seriously computer retarded. People always say that our generation is just amazing with their computer skills...but for some reason I got left out of that group. I call Tyson all the time at work cuz I don't know how to work our computer. So trying to make a blog was a little overwhelming to me. Sooo any blogging tips would be greatly appreciated. :)
As for our life over the last 9 months...its been great! We've had our normal newly wed struggles but in the end they have really made us grow closer together. So cute, I know. Tyson has been busily working on the farm, and I have been looking for a job as a RN! I had to wait FOREVER it felt like to get my Permanent Residence so that I could work and live here legally, but now that is all taken care of. WOOT. Now I'm ready for summer to come to Rexburg so I can start doing the things I love! Like quading (4 wheeling for all you weirdo's who call it that), going for walks (Still trying to convince Tyson that is a fun thing to do), getting a tan, hiking, ext.
Anyways...how was that for my first blog post ever? Maybe I'll even learn how to put pictures and video's and stuff on like all the other cool people's blogs I've seen. Maybe...