Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Love Day

Happy Anniversary to...ME! And TYSON. haha. Yup. That's right. We made it 2 years. Only got eternity to go. :) Which if I'm honest I am even more excited for now than I was 2 years ago!! Seriously...My husband is the coolest! And I love him more than anything in the world!
So on this happy love day I have been reminiscing a LOT. And I decided to write down all my first memories of Tyson. So anyone not in the mood to read a gushy love post...stop now. haha
FIRST TIME SEEING TYSON: He showed up at my apartment dressed as a cowboy to take my roommate on a date. Nice....
FIRST TIME TALKING TO TYSON: He took me and my roommate to lunch, and spit ice-cubes through a straw at me the whole time. How cute right?
FIRST PRESENT FROM TYSON: He brought me flowers from the cabin before I knew he really liked me as more than a friend. I thought it was a joke and threw them away. To this day he brings that up every time I ask for flowers.
FIRST TIME TYSON TOLD ME HE WANTED TO TAKE ME ON A REAL DATE: We were driving in his car home from Wal-mart, and I was trying to stack as many golf balls in my hand as I could (long story...he had a TON of golf balls in his car at one point) and he finally after a TON of prompting told me what was "bothering him". He told me he liked me as more than a friend, and wanted to date me. Instead of answering I dropped every golf ball, and after a long LOOONNNNGGG silence told him we could never be more than friends.
FIRST DATE WITH TYSON: Anyone who knows Tyson, knows he is PERSISTANT. Seriously, if he wants something, and gets an idea in his head, you can't talk him out of it. Needless to say, I ended up telling him I would go on a real date with him. We went quading. I made him tie a Canadian flag to our four wheeler. Turns out it was the easiest, funnest date I had ever been on. Who knew?? No one actually. We didnt tell anyone we were dating till after we had been secretly dating for like a month.
FIRST KISS: We were talking one night in "our spot", a secluded potato field outside of Rexburg. haha. I had had a rough day, and was venting, and all of a sudden he kissed me! Best kiss I've ever got...and I get those kisses for eternity!
FIRST TIME SAYING I LOVE YOU: Sitting in a tractor. He said, I think I'm in love with you. I didnt stop smiling for days.
FIRST TIME BEING ENGAGED: Same potato field. In "our spot". Watching a lightning storm
FIRST HOUSE: Bakers trailer court (ironic, I know), #49. Rexburg Idaho
FIRST PET: Lucy. AKA Kitty. Our cat.
Well, thats about all my "firsts" I can think of. All I can say is that I love this guy more than life. No one makes me laugh more, takes better care of me, gives better hugs than Tyson Storer. And I am soooo excited for ETERNITY with this guy!!