Monday, January 10, 2011

Been a while?

Ya, its been a while. I figured out the whole working nights thing, kinda, and finished up my orientation at work and now only work part time. So that was a good break! And I keep thinking, I need to blog, but then I remember nothing exciting ever happens in our lives lately. Sooo I am just going to write down all the boring stuff.

Tyson got surgery in December on his shoulder. Seriously watching him come out of anesthesia was the FUNNIEST thing I have ever seen. They had these things on his legs that fill with air and then deflait to help with circulation after surgery and every time they would fill up he would yell at me to lock our cat up in the laundry room cuz she kept biting his toes. haha I was laughing so hard. He took forever to wake up and so he had a lot of funny comments that night. It was well worth it...I wish I would have video'd it. After that he had to learn how to sit at home for a few weeks which left me with a very grumpy husband since he does not handle sitting at home and doing nothing. But he's doing a lot better now. He even started physical therapy today! YA

Isn't he cute?? That was after he finally woke up HOURS after his surgery! poor guy was way sore for the next few days but I got to practice my best wife/nursing skills and take great care of him.

We got to go to Canada for New Years - I had to work Christmas...sad day...but we had tons of fun in Canada. Even though it was freezing the whole week we were there!

I started watching PSYCH on netfilx cuz we got a sweet new blu-ray player that plays netflix on it so that I can watch movies and tv shows instantly. Love it? Yes I do. I think I have watched more TV than I ever have in my life in the last few weeks.

Anyways...thats all I have to say. Maybe one day I will have exciting stuff to talk about?