Friday, February 4, 2011

Boys and their toys!

So yesterday Tyson and me went shopping. Except not the good kind of shopping. BOY shopping. :( Haha. Before we got married he got in a really nasty car wreck. His grandpa's truck was totaled, his cell phone got smashed in half, he ended up getting shoulder surgery because of it, he couldn't move for weeks after it, but not one of those things bothered him even half as much as this:

Yup. His precious shot gun was in the car with him and got ruined. For the life of me I'll NEVER understand it! I mean, I have nothing against guns, but I grew up in a home where we never had them! My mom is definitally not a fan cuz of some past expiriences she had, and my dad sold his shot gun to buy my mom a wedding ring, and never got another one! I met Tyson, and he took me shooting a lot, which was fun and all, but I guess I just never came to LOVE it.

Anyways, for a year and a half Tyson has waited for the case to be settled so that he could get the money to replace it. And things were getting close to finished the last month and ALL I've heard from him was begging to get different kinds of guns. And on Wednesday, after sitting in mediation with lawyers and judges for 8 hours, his case was finally closed, and Tyson got the funds he needed to get himself a new toy.

So Thursday, bright and early, Tyson started begging me to let him go buy one. Mostly cuz I was so sick of hearing him ask I gave in and we went boy shopping in Idaho Falls. Honestly Sportsmans warehouse is one store I have no interest in. Tyson gets almost as excited there as he does at the tractor stores! We had to run around and look at camping gear, and all the different stuffed REAL animals, and the fishing stuff (all these extra's cuz we were "there anyways!") and finally the guns. Then I had to stand next to Tyson while he talked for HOURS (it felt like) about the different guns they had with the sales guy, who kept giving me the "you don't belong here" look. Finally after MUCH deliberation, Tyson bought this:

Ok, so not that exactly, I don't think, but it looks just like that. I'm not gunna lie, Tyson would probably walk in and look at that and say, that is not at all the gun I bought, but if you put them both side by side, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference! Sooo after a long afternoon of boy shopping I made Tyson take me to Kohls, where I could spend the gift certificate we got for Christmas. I bought this:

well, not exactly this...but it's the closest picture I could find. And not the bed, just the bedding. It made up for everything! :)