Thursday, September 16, 2010

Such a grown up!

Sooo...I started my new job this week! YA! Actually its been pretty boring so far! haha. I have spent 8 hours a day in the HR office doing my orientation, which means I was watching presentations and powerpoints ALL day. Just like school! Except better cuz I got paid? I start my first hospital shift on wish me luck?
I'm just so excited to be a real nurse!! Even though it means getting up at 5 AM and working 12 hour days. I just love taking care of people and meeting people and making them feel even a little bit better. If I could get over my tendancy to pass out at the site of blood, things would be great! (jk! I only did that once! :) )
Mostly this week has been long. Tyson would usually leave just as I was waking up, and I was usually asleep before he even got home! He did leave me a note this morning, telling me he loved me but not to buy the scrubs I had already ordered online cuz he saw the picture and thought the models were skanky!
Anyways...this is a really boring post. I'll add pictures to make it cooler!

Me and Tys getting ready to go GO KARTING!

Tyson's first time in BC! On our hike to Wall lake. He loves hiking...

This is him being sooo excited to go on our hike!

Seriously the kid didnt crack a smile all day! haha but I was just happy he came!

Me and my mama hiking the summit! CRAZY long...but it was fun!