Monday, April 11, 2011

guess what we got?

So I'm so excited about mine and Tyson's last purchase!! We bought a QUAD! YES!! (That's a four wheeler to all the American crazies).

Ya, we are SO excited! We love quading and basically spend our summers at Tyson's cabin riding around and relaxing and just having fun, but we always had to borrow from his family. So this year we decided to buy our own and then not have to feel bad everytime we want to go. It works our perfect because I can ride this and Tyson can ride his motor bike and we will be riding fools. :)
Only problem is it won't get warm here!! We bought this like 2 weeks ago and I've ridden it 1 time because all it will do here is RAIN and SNOW. I WANT IT TO BE SUMMER. so since I'm reminiscing last summer, here are some awesome pictures from our adventures last year...

Sooo attractive. I love that guy.

I rock. Notice how warm it I didn't need a coat outside. I'm so jealous of that right now.

Family trip?

Anyways...I'm mostly just stalling because I am on call for work tonight and I never know when I can go to bed because I don't want to go to bed just to get called into work. That would suck.