Monday, May 9, 2011

Rainy Day

Today is the rainiest boringest day I've had in a long time. So I decided to blog. And since I have nothing to blog about I am going to just write 11 random thoughts. Because since I've been sitting around doing nothing all day, I have a lot of those.

#1. I seriously have a love/hate relationship with the brick breaker game on my blackberry. I can't stop playing it but it's so annoying and I can't get passed level 8. Really, honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with my blackberry. Who decided it was a good idea to make a phone so confusing to use? I've only had it for a few days, and I'm starting to figure it out, but really...

#2. Today I was making lunch and sliced my finger open on our 5 year old falling apart dollar store cheese grater. So I put a band aid on and made Tyson drive me to walmart right then to buy new one.

#3. I am wearing jeans. WHAT? I am not a jean person, so why the heck am I wearing jeans on the most boring day of my life? I'll tell you why. Tyson said, lets go to Idaho Falls. so I went and put jeans on. Then he decided to play xbox with Riley instead and I am too lazy to change. It's probably good for me. I never get dressed anymore. I wear scrubs to work, come home and change into sweats, sleep in my garments, then wake up and put sweats back on. Or scrubs if I'm going to work.

#4. My ringtone for when my mom calls me is O Canada.

#5. I've read the hunger games books twice now, and love them. I hope the movie is good, because I loved the twilight books too but then I watched the movies and hated them and it kind of ruined the books for me.

#6. I was ticked off that the globetrotters didn't win the Amazing race last night. Even though I was still mad at them for U turning the coyboys and making them get eliminated.

#7. My middle name is Jean. When I was in elementary school I hated that name and told everyone my middle name was Jay. Then my cousin Justin told everyone I lied one day at recess and I was so embarrassed. Now I like my middle name so it's all good.

#8. I bought Tyson 2 fish for Easter. The little one lived for 2 days. The big one lived for 1 week. Tyson's aunt gave me a potted plant for easter. I just hope I'm better at plants than I am at fish.

#9. One day when our big fish was still alive, Alisha and BJ (our neighbors) snuck to our house while we were gone and put their little fish in with our big fish. When I got home I FREAKED out cuz I thought my big fish had a baby. Litterally was shocked and spazzing. My little 11 year old sister had to tell me that's not how fish have babies.

#10. I am writing this on Riley's computer. Our computer is broken and someone we know is trying to fix it. Ask me if this is the second time in like a month that our computer has broken? Ask me if that makes me mad. Ask me if I backed up my journal this time so I didn't lose it again? Yes/yes/no. :(

#11. Since it was mother's day yesterday...I have the most AMAZING mom in the entire world. I love her so much and am so unbelievably grateful for everything that she does. She is such an amazing example to me and I hope one day I can be even half the person that she is! If I had my computer I would post a picture of her and I.

Well...thats all I got! :)