Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Missionaries and Roadtrips etc.

So we just got back from an awesome weekend home! We JUST went to Canada 2 weeks ago, and were there for 2 weeks, I know, but Jared's farewell was last Sunday and we really wanted to be there so we just decided to go again! And I'm very happy we did!
I seriously have the most amazing little brother's in the WHOLE world. No point in arguing with me, because I do. And I know that we fight and I complain about them a ton, but when its all said and done I love them more than anything.
I'm just so proud of Jared for choosing to go on a mission! He has seriously always been so mature about his life, and he's such a good example to me! He is such a hard worker and has such a strong testimony and I know he is going to be an amazing missionary!
Jared is 2 and a half years younger than me. For as long as I can remember we have been great friends. He was the one I always went to when I had problems and we could talk about them. I'm not saying that our relationship was always peachy...cuz I'll be completely honest we fought a lot. But I think that's part of what makes us so close is that neither of us are afraid to tell the other what we are really thinking. And were both so competitive that neither of us could be wrong!
Anyways...He is great. I seriously love him do death and I'm going to miss the crap out of him for the next two years. But I also know there is no where else I'd rather have him be for the next little while!
Another good thing about my weekend? I GOT A JOB! YA!!! Now I can FINALLY be a real nurse and make some money and stop sitting around all day and being fat and lazy! What a good weekend I had!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Car problems!?!

Yup. Bad start to my day. I went to go drop off my resume at a doctor's office this morning and that all went good until I got back to my car and couldn't turn the key to make my car start! It seriously will not turn. I tried everything, and sat there looking like an idiot for half an hour! I tried wiggling my steering wheel, smashing the dashboard with my fist, rocking the car back and forth...seriously I looked retarded. Nothing worked, and not one person stopped and asked if I was having a problem!! And there were a LOT of people that walked by and stared at me! I'm sure wondering what my issue was. Anyways. It made me grumpy. I ended up having to call Tyson's aunt and have her come get me and take me home, and leave my car parked there. So now I am car less, and Tyson is gunna be working till like mid-night tonight. And if Tyson gets in and starts it first try I might scream. Cuz that is always what happens, and then I feel retarded.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Home from our vacation Home.

So we went home to Canada for two weeks. And had an AMAZING time! I love my family and Raymond and all that stuff. And now we are back home in Rexburg. We had a great time in Raymond though. We got to go hiking in Waterton which I LOVE - Tyson hates (but he was a good sport and came on our hike to Wall lake...he just refused to go on the summit hike), my grandma made her amazing popcorn that I love like every other day, we went swimming at the Calgary wave pool, we went to Calaway Park, we had weiner roasts and ate chinese food, took family pictures...and lots of other stuff that was super fun! I just love going home to visit my family! I took lots of pictures that I would show you...but then I left my camera in Calgary at my aunt Sarah's house. I was devastated, I won't lie, but we are going up in a couple weeks for Jared's missionary farewell so I guess I can get it then, and show you pictures later.
Anyways, we got home thursday night, and then Friday was Brindy and Brady (Tyson's cousin) wedding! It was fun. I love weddings.
Then Saturday was our 1st anniversary!! CRAZY! It was great. We went out to dinner and to a movie and just hung out and I just love Tyson. My heart was exploding (anyone watch the bachelorette? haha). So it was a good day.
But now he has to start harvesting. He left at 5:30 this morning and I probably won't see him till mid-night ish. Then he will start again tomorrow. So for the next month-ish I basically get to live alone with my kitty. Who almost got eaten by a dog at Tyson's mom's house while we were in Canada.