Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long Weekend!!

So...tomorrow me and Tyson are driving to Canada! YA! Jared is going through the temple and we are sooo excited! I am excited because I'm ready to do something fun. I get tired of doing the same thing every single day. I really need a job! Tyson invites me every day to go to work with him after he is done with school! He's so nice. I'm not a very good farm I usually end up following him around all day and getting in the way. But he is patient and I'm learning! I've seriously learned so much about farm stuff!! Here's 10 of the main things:
1. Don't ever go to the farm in nice clothes. Even if you think you won't get dirty, you will.
2. The best place to be when they are working with cows is on top of the hay stack. You can still see everything, but angry cows won't run you over...
3. Most of the mud in the farm driveway is actually not mud...
4. flip flops are not good farm shoes
If you crash Tyson's motor bike, he will run to it before he makes sure your ok.
6. When your reversing a tractor, and your husband is standing behind it, make sure that you can reach the breaks with your feet before you start so you don't almost run him over.
7. How to pee in a grain field.
8. When Tyson says he's only going to be a few hours, he really means 5 or 6.
9. How to ride a horse. Kind of...
10. Not to be suprised at all when Tyson's sisters tell me they caught mice, snakes, birds, bugs, bees, or any other random creature! I love them!

I really have learned to love the farm. Maybe because it's my husband's passion, but either way...I am starting to love that part of my new life! And I love how cute Tyson is when he comes home all covered in grease and dirt. And when he gets so excited over new tractors.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My new Hobby!

Soooo since I am still jobless and only taking one class this semester I've started a new hobby. :) And I was bored so I figured I would share! :) That's right...I made these! This one was for Tyson's cousin to give his madre for mothers day.

This was for my mama for mothers day. :)

This one I made for my grandma. Actually the rest of them were for my grandma. :)

I actually weirdly LOVE making these...