Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh Canada

So I haven't blogged in FOREVER and a ton of exciting stuff has happened. We went to Canada for Brad's provincials and they won...We went to Canada again just for fun and it was awesome...I got a more for real job at the hospital where I don't get put on call every shift which is ALSO AWESOME...except I have to work tonight and miss the July 4 fireworks which are my favorite EVER so I'm pretty bummed...AND I got to go to Canada for July 1 which I NEVER get to do!! And I planned on taking lots of pictures to document it and totally forgot, so oops. But we just got back last night from our amazing trip. We hung out with family, and friends I hadn't seen in FOREVER...and then we watched the parade and watched some of the awesome family softball tourny...went to the fireworks, and of course had to spend a ton of time playing world cup in my grandparents back yard. And the best part of it all is I get to go back in two weeks when even more of my family will be there! YA!
Anyways...basically the trip was awesome, and then we got home...and realized we literally had NO food in our house. I needed to go grocery shopping about 2 weeks before we went to canada, so we were down to nothing. And I was feeling really lazy and just ate some gram crackers I found in the back of one of our cupboards. But that wasn't enough for Tyson...and since his cooking skills consist of making cereal, and mac and cheese and we had no milk...he was left hungry. Finally he said, with his best puppy dog eyes...will you please feed me? I'm going to die. haha so what could I do?? It was then that I realized that the next day was July 4 and nothing was going to be I decided to branch out and try and make some bread! What?? I know...I've never even thought about trying before. So I was all excited made the dough...put it in the oven...

And I think it exploded a little bit. haha I was pretty nervous and it kept getting bigger and bigger! maybe I put too much in the pan??

Everyone waiting so eagerly for the bread! YA!! How annoying eh?? After begging for food Tyson fell asleep! And once he is gone, he is gone for the night!!


And me...enjoying it all by myself because everyone else was dead asleep. hahaha