Thursday, February 9, 2012


Ok...I need to blog. I get it. Tyson is going to kill me because he thinks I'm a freak, for 1, putting the picture up of myself that I did on my last post, and 2...leaving it there so its the first thing people see when they look at my blog for the last 4 months!! haha, but lets face it...Our life is a little boring I feel sometimes! haha. So I decided I would post about re-doing our trailer last September...haha I know it's now February of 2012...but I think that is seriously the last time I took pictures of anything we thats all I got! Haha I forgot to take a before picture...and this is the best I got...Basically the whole house looked like the bottom part... Just rotting and falling apart. NASTY!!

Here is Tyson working sooo hard! Seriously...I pretend I did a ton, but mostly I complained about how hard this was, and Tyson did the hard work. He's a champ! :)

See here I am. Working HARD!! I'll be honest...I painted EVERY SINGLE board that we had to put up on our house. And they all needed 2 coats!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Ya...I had some major blisters after about 2 hours, and it took us 3 days to finish...see why I complained?! haha I hope your all feeling really bad for me now.

My injury that I cried about for at least a couple hours! Haha...I think Tyson finally felt bad for me...or got sick of me complaining about painting, so he gave me another use the hammer and dig out the stones that go around the edge of our house...I swung real hard, missed...and this happened. Haha...I don't think he felt a whole lot of sympathy for me...

And, the finished project! Looks good eh? It was a lot of work, but totally worth it! The paint job looks AMAZING right?? :)

We had some left over supplies and thought it would be fun for kitty to get a matching new house...cute right? It's got 2 levels, carpet, and shingles...rough life, right?

Kitty also somehow managed to climb on the roof those 2 days...this became her favorite hang out...weird...she couldnt get down though, so Tyson had to keep climbing up to get her off.

Putting the deck on...Also a funny story...I won't go into much detail, but lets just say I've never been a big muscle girl...and this deck is HEAVY!! Tyson tried to move it with just me, but ended up having to call in some reinforcements...He kept saying, Ok Mandi, when I say lift, just bend your knees, and then stand up and just pull the deck can do it... (he has so much faith in me...clearly never seen my try to lift weights...) He would count down, and when he said lift it only moved on his then he would have to come to my side and lift it so that my side would catch up to his side...Anyways...we decided that doing it that way would have taken HOURS, so we called Matt and Riley...THANKS GUYS!!

Anyways...thats my exciting life!! :)