Friday, August 31, 2012

New Things! this has been a summer of NEW things for us!!  Its been super busy, and we've been loving it!!  So I figured its time to write it all down and post some pictures!!  

First off... Meet Stewy...

Stewy is my surprise 3rd anniversary present.  Stewy is a chocolate lab puppy.  Not gunna lie, if Tyson had asked me instead of just showing up with a puppy one day, I probably would have said absolutely not.  I mean, we are having a baby in 6 weeks!  We cant have a puppy AND a baby right?  But Tyson was so excited when he brought him home, and I didn't have the heart to not be just as excited with him!  :)  Lucky for us Stewy has been a pretty awesome puppy.  He stays outside 95% of the time, hardly ever barks, and besides a few issues (like my brand new flip flop being chewed up, or the 1 AM wake up call when our sprinklers turned on automatically and FREAKED him out) he's been pretty much the dream dog.  And now after 3 weeks of being puppy owners we can't imagine him not around! haha so I guess he stays.  

New thing #2

Meet our new house!  

Sadly, this is the only picture I have of it.  Its on I took with my phone, right before going to work.  I didn't even take the time to close the garage door.  oops!  But we love the house!  One of these days I'll get the energy to clean it up all nice and take pictures of the inside and put those on here.  But for now this is all you get!!  We moved here about 2 days after Stewy came along.  Basically moving when you are 7 months pregnant is not the funnest, but I guess it was better than moving when I was 8 or 9 months along, right?  Its been so fun to have more space and decorate and have a room to get ready for our baby!!  I'm in love with it!  And now we have tons of extra space, so COME VISIT ME.  :)  

The last new thing...

I'm gunna do something I said I would never do...

Mandi...all prego....

There I am.  34 weeks.  Fresh out of the shower.  haha I can't believe we only have 6 weeks left till we meet this little girl!  We are pretty dang excited.  Feel free to tell me how huge I am.  I've had 2 people this week ask me if I'm having twins... ouch.  And I still have 6 weeks left!!  Oh well...what can ya do....   :) 

Anyways...there is our summer update!!  


  1. PLEASE! you are anything but huge!! If you ever feel bad about how big you are, take a trip over to my blog and find a picture of me right before I had Malin, and you wont be sad anymore. You look SO cute. Cant wait to see pictures of your little girl!!! Girls are so much fun, I'm so excited for you. And I'm seriously so jealous you have a house! Josh is in his final year of school and then we are buying a clinic... so chances of us buying a house seem pretty slim. We'll have to come visit. YAH RIGHT! haha one thing about having kids, is you'd rahter stay home then take a 10 hour car ride with them. BUT its worth it! AHH! seriously so excited for you.

  2. First of all, Stewy is the CUTEST puppy ever. Secondly, I am obsessed with your home! It is DARLING!!! So happy you were able to get all moved in & I hope I get to see it one day! :) I LOVE it & can't wait to see pictures of the inside. Lastly, you are still TINY Mandi. Seriously, your arms look better than mine and I don't have a baby bump! You are adorable pregnant and definitely ALL belly. Love you Mandible!